Biomimetics. Science of imitating nature.
Learning from the most refined, self sustaining and efficient organization - NATURE. Learning and replicating its amazing principles in building our products.

Part of nature’s ecosystem – Humans – the most sophisticated organization, gives insights and core principles of a responsive organization. An organization which operates with minimum wastage of resource energy (Capacity and Time) while running its CORE OPERATIONs

How is stimuli data (sensory inputs) stored? When does it get processed? When is actionable information generated? When is action triggered?
Studying the engineering marvel and functioning of neurons and central nervous system in managing data (stimuli), processing of this data into actionable information (calibrated information) gives phenomenal insights into building a responsive product

It is all about FLOW

Product is rooted in the core principles of Flow. A paradigm shift.

Cloud SaaS Solution | Ease of integration with existing IT products | Rapid deployment | Extendable

Product components

Visualization layer – Dashboard and Reports
Core Engine (BI/ AI)
Integration layer - API driven
External Transaction Systems